If you live or work on the east side of Atlanta and need a desk, an office, or a meeting room in a friendly and unique place to work for the day check us out. Our community welcomes startups, small businesses, freelancers, and more. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our community.

Contact us to take a tour and let us buy you a cup of coffee and see what a unique and enjoyable place [e]station Conyers can be for you to do business.


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What People are Saying About Us

"Great place to work and meet clients."

Tyler Lauren Roberts

"Wonderful facility and equipped for small businesses so that they can do big business."

James Green – KBCN Media

"Beautiful space, if you need office space in Olde Town Conyers, this is the place."

Melissa Fabricant

Start or Grow Your Business With Us

Coworking Space

The [e]station Conyers coworking membership space provides Olde Town Conyers and the East Metro Atlanta community the resources for independents and startup businesses alike to explore new ideas in the company of others and build opportunities for new businesses that will grow our local economy and provide new employment opportunities.

Resources include hot desks, high-speed Internet, conference rooms, ongoing educational workshops and networking events – all designed to take a business idea to the next level.

Business Incubator

[e]station Conyers, supported by the Conyers – Rockdale community, is where a new business idea can be nurtured by our staff and dedicated volunteers until a new growing and thriving business can join our local business community.

We provide a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment that entrepreneurs need during the critical startup stages of a new business. Our programs increase the chances that a start-up will succeed and shortens the time and reduces the costs of establishing and growing a new business.

Are you ready to start?

If you are ready to find out how productive and fun working at [estation Conyers can be get in touch with us to schedule a tour, or sign up online, and start right away.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour of (e)station Conyers please let us know.