A recent study by Yardi Matrix revealed that the Coworking and shared space industry is continuing to gain a larger percentage of the commercial real estate space nationally, as well as worldwide.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the report:

orange-bullet.pngThere are 1,166 Coworking spaces in the 20 major markets studied by Yardi Matrix.
orange-bullet.pngThese spaces total nearly 27 million square feet of shared space and make up 1.2% of the office space in those markets.
orange-bullet.pngManhattan has the most Coworking space, with 7.7 million sq ft, followed by Los Angeles with 3.7 million square feet.
orange-bullet.pngMiami has the most space as a percentage of stock, at 2.7%, with Manhattan coming in second at 1.7%.
orange-bullet.pngThere is a clear trend in which markets with lower vacancy rates generally had a higher proportion of Coworking space.
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